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Qualification via consultants

Siemens Healthineers

The further development of consulting, leadership, and project management skills was the focus of the three-part qualification program. With this the high technical and professional competence of participants should be supplemented in the sense of a complementary advisory approach. The aim was to understand the diverse requirements of customers even better and to present corresponding solutions and approaches. The qualification is divided into modules that build on one another and takes place in close cooperation with internal managers and initiators. This and the consistent work on live cases of the participants ensure a high level of practical benefit. The trainings are supplemented by individual coachings in which the participants can reflect on personal questions and goals.


As the Healthcare Consulting Team of Siemens Healthineers, we have been working with orange cpm for years. From the very beginning we have been impressed by the professionalism of their training and consulting services. Orange cpm is very responsive to our individual needs and shows unique competence, creativity and great empathy in translating the requirements of an international management consultancy into highly interactive and practical training programs.

Max Grenz, Siemens Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting

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