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Cooperation in a team or “We’re all in the same boat”

Working in a team is not always easy. Different personalities, skills, and ways of thinking can make it difficult to work well together. Especially in times of an increasingly complex and fast-moving environment, effective, cross-functional teams are a key success factor for companies. For the employees this means that existing work structures and habits are put into question. Successful cooperation requires a high personal willingness to take responsibility and to be self-reflective. The knowledge of social dynamics in the team and the personal strengths of the team members is decisive for the quality of the cooperation.

You will learn:

  • what roles, tasks, and behaviors there are in teams.
  • how to bring your personal qualities into the team.
  • to recognize your strengths and those of others.
  • to understand the connection between conflicts & team dynamics/team development.
  • how to work in a positive, trusting, manner with your team to achieve the best possible results.

What is the content:

  • Belbin team roles
  • Team development according to Tuckman
  • Challenges of digital collaboration

Target group

Employees who want to understand the dynamics of teams and learn about their contribution to the further development of the team.

The Trainer


Martina Schindler works with companies on questions of strategy, leadership, team building, and change. The focus is always on people.


3 Hours


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Online inhouse workshop

We provide these live online training exclusively as inhouse workshop.


at least 6 people


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