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Design Dash

The highly creative and interactive "Design Dash" method is an entire Design Thinking process in fast forward mode. In the workshop, you will go through all phases and get to know the methodology and mindset of Design Thinking. The method is a practical way of experimenting with the innovation process and get straight into action.

You will learn:

  • about the values and principles of Design Thinking.
  • the steps of the Design Dash process.
  • how to support your team in generating and implementing new ideas and solutions for innovations.
  • where the use of the Design Dash process makes sense and what is required for a successful implementation.

What is the content?

  • Introduction to the values and principles of the Design Dash method
  • Design Thinking: Mindset and essential steps
  • Development of user-centered solutions for various challenges
  • Fields of application and success factors

Target group

Managers and employees who deal with product innovations and services.

The Trainer

Marit Brademann combines her extensive practical experience as an agile coach and master of digital product development teams with her technical and methodological skills.

Statements from participants

Change of media contributed significantly to the dynamics of the workshop!


3 Hours


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Online inhouse workshop

We provide these live online training exclusively as inhouse workshop.


at least 6 people


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