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Gen Y meets leadership: Development instead of control

Generation Y is driving change in the working world and challenging traditional leadership behavior in terms of command and control. It strives for meaningfulness, creative freedom, flexibility, and the assumption of responsibility. Those who want to tie young people to their company in the long term must adapt to their needs. What new requirements for leadership can be derived from this? How can leadership provide orientation and at the same time meet the values and needs of this generation to recognize and promote their potential?

You will learn:

  • methods and tools that support meaningful and value-oriented management practice.
  • to discover and use the potential of Generation Y.
  • to find a constructive approach to integrate the needs and demands of Generation Y.

What is the content?

  • A general understanding of the fundamental values of Generation Y
  • What Generation Y expects from leadership
  • Meaningful and value-oriented leadership
  • Using mentoring and coaching as management tools
  • Communication and feedback

Target group

Executives who want to reflect and develop their leadership skills regarding Gen Y. Representatives of Gen Y who are interested in participating in discussions, eliminating prejudices, and providing insights.

The Trainer


Simone Brecht combines her leadership experience in corporations with her passion for developing people and organizations

Statements from participants

Proper workshop style - not just listening.


3 Hours


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