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Translated from Japanese, Kanban means "visual signal" and pursues the goal of visualizing complex processes, identifying bottlenecks and thereby improving workflow. Tasks are divided into small steps and processed successively. Compared to other methods, the implementation of Kanban into existing processes is easy, which makes it possible to use it together with other methods, e.g. Scrum.

In a world of increasing complexity, Kanban has gained popularity as a recognized agile method in recent years. In this workshop, we will be dealing with how to best start with Kanban in your organization and how to effectively improve existing Kanban systems.

You will learn:

  • The principles and core practices of the Kanban method.
  • How to design and continuously improve a Kanban system.
  • How to use Kanban in various areas, such as marketing, HR or research & development.
  • About the difference between Kanban and Scrum.

What is the content?

  • Values, basic principles, and practices of the Kanban method
  • Visualization of a Kanban Board
  • Use Cases for applying Kanban
  • Purpose & added value of the Kanban method
  • Kanban in practice

The Trainer

Susanne Bartel equips managers, teams, and organisations with modern management tools so that they can independently design their work systems and maximize their effectiveness.

Statements from participants

I found real cases as examples very good!


2,5 Hours


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