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Leading myself

People who are successful in managing themselves seem to achieve their goals with more ease. The reason: They are fully aware of their responsibilities and manage their resources in a goal-oriented manner. This ensures clarity and effectiveness and facilitates cooperation with colleagues, employees, and customers, as priorities are set and promises are kept.

Leading yourself is the foundation of leadership, no matter whether you work in a classic hierarchical or a self-organized company, an association or a one-person business. This workshop will help you develop your full potential in achieving your goals and to derive pleasure from your work despite the dynamics and growing demands of the working world.

You will learn:

  • about the relevance and dimensions of self-management.
  • to discover your strengths in managing yourself.
  • to recognize myths and beliefs that prevent you from developing your full potential
  • methods for effective self-management.

What is the content?

  • The importance of self-management for the individual and the team
  • Prerequisites for self-management: Discovering myths and beliefs
  • Self-management - where do I stand today?
  • The 7 steps to better self-management incl. self-check

Target group

Professionals who want to increase their self-efficacy.

The Trainer


Norbert Esters supports managers and teams in navigating carefully and responsibly in a complex working environment.

Statements from participants

The online tools used were a perfect complement!


3 Hours


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