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Change Management – Training for inhouse consultants

Your challenge

Internal consultants are often the central transmission belt between the customer's requirements, the company's strategic ambition and the specific change confronted by the individual team/departments. The quality and know-how of internal consultants is therefore a key factor in the profitability of the change project.

Your benefit


Your internal consultants respond professionally and flexibly to the various requirements inherent to their role


Your consultants are gaining valuable insights into their personality and how it impacts the fulfilment of their task

Change Agent

Your advisors are planning and managing change and communication processes by taking into account the various stakeholder interests

Conflict Management

Your consultants identify conflicts early on and integrate them into their consulting work

Group dynamics

Your Consultants are able to design and facilitate workshops and group situations in an effective and efficient way

Action learning

Participants work on real case examples from their experience and current workbench. All change management tools and methods are thus consistently tested and reflected in terms of practical implementation value. The training is composed of three 2-day modules


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