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Change Management – Teamcoaching

Your challenges

Networking, personal organisation and entrepreneurship are just some attributes that are crossing one's mind when we think of successful teams. Executives are often faced with the challenge of bringing these goals to life in a dynamic and unstable environment.
Orange cpm supports project and line management teams in their quest to become high-performance units.

Methods of team development


Lay the foundation for future cooperation in a newly formed team or a restructured unit

  Kick-off workshop, 1–2 days, off-site

Team development

An opportunity for existing teams to take stock, discuss important issues and initiate necessary change

2–3-day workshop, off-site

Team coaching

You and your team benefit from continuous support over an extended period so that you can focus on the processing of current issues and keep sight of overarching topics

  0.5–1-day workshops at regular intervals and as required, on-site

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