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Projectmanagement – Project Leadership

Your challenge

In light of the increasingly complex challenges faced by companies, the importance of professional project work is continuously growing.

Being able to lead a heterogeneous team is one of the decisive factors contributing to the success or failure of a project. Project leaders do not generally have line management authority. They are nonetheless in charge of mixed teams with a broad range of expertise, interests, personalities and often cultural backgrounds, working against a tight schedule. The project leadership programme explores these and other key issues in the field of team leadership, communication, personal values, conflict and many others and systematically prepares project leaders for this extremely demanding role.

Your benefit

  • You will learn the key success factors for getting support from others without hierarchical authority
  • You will reflect on your own personality and leadership traits
  • You will handle feedback and conflict scenarios within projects in a constructive and focused manner
  • You will familiarise yourself with the main control levers for developing a high-performance team and transfer them to your own projects
  • The involvement of superiors in the programme, coupled with one-on-one coaching and work on live participant projects, ensures maximum transfer of best practice


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