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Our blog will be a space for reflections on how we help our customers in the transformation of their management systems. You can expect a multifaceted mix of case studies and bits of theory on complex change. And we let you have a peek into our well-stocked toolbox! Come along and we show you the future of organizational development unfolding in front of our eyes.

It Takes Two to Tango. Required Changes for Organisational Agility

01.09.2017 • Holger Nauheimer

In order to get fit for the great Digital Transformation, there is clear case for change in organisations. Two things to start with: MINDSET and RELATIONSHIPS.

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The Train Has Left the Station - Why Agility Matters Now

07.07.2017 • Holger Nauheimer

Transformation of our business world is not a choice of individual organisations. It is an imperative as it is happening in from of our eyes. But where to start? Increasing the agility of teams is probably a good point of departure.

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Power and Trust: Leading Change in a VUCA World

27.04.2017 • Holger Nauheimer

The Berlin Change Days in it's 9th year has converted into a global, yet tribal event: a place where those who embrace, facilitate and celebrate change meet to network with likeminded people, and to learn and discuss about the latest trends in our field.

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Developing virtual teams that thrive

05.01.2017 • Holger Nauheimer

The route to sucess in building virtual teams has many bends. In this article, we discuss different the levels of change that teams must master if they want to be highly effective: ENVIRONMENT - BEHAVIOUR - SKILLS - PRESUPPOSITIONS - IDENTITY

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Agile performance management–the next revolution in HR

10.12.2016 • Holger Nauheimer

It is time to trash traditional approaches to performances management. They don't serve their purpose. This post gives an overview of what's emerging in this field.

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The next wave—organisational development in times of digitization

30.11.2016 • Holger Nauheimer

The Internet has lead to great disruptions of the way we work and think organisations. Which disruptions can we expect in the next wave of technological development and how will HR and organisational development need to prepare for them? A first serve.

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