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Our clients’ Success-Stories.

We work where rapidly changing markets demand new paths and sustainable developments.

Global Project Academy

LH Group

Different project categories and the associated development paths for project managers formed the basis for the development of a target group-specific Project Academy concept that we developed together with those responsible at the Lufthansa Group.

Agile Transformation Vehicledevelopment

Daimler AG

Together with those responsible for vehicle development at Daimler AG, we developed an agile transformation concept that included both concrete projects and cultural and structural changes.

Agile Transformation in a global IT-Team


The desire for shorter release times and an even stronger customer orientation justified the need to transform a classic project organization into an agile product and software development.

Qualification via consultants

Siemens Healthineers

The further development of consulting, leadership, and project management skills was the focus of the three-part qualification program. With this the high technical and professional competence of participants should be supplemented in the sense of a complementary advisory approach.

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