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For your success tomorrow.

Virtual learning formats for your company - interactive, lively and effective. Do you want to help make your managers and employees fit for the challenges of a digitalized and rapidly changing working world? Our virtual learning formats will support you in doing so. Up-to-date topics, models, and application examples are conveyed in a lively way and transferred into your working practice. A selection of innovative and stimulating learning formats from different skill areas around the topic of New Work is now available for you and your company.

Your Benefits:

  • Motivating: short learning units promote continuous development
  • Dynamic: regular updates and new topics
  • Simple: easy to integrate into the daily work routine, no long absences
  • Resource-saving: no travel time and costs

Whether in the office, at home or on the road: Let our coaches motivate you and start a new working world with your team.

Agile Leadership: What is it actually?

New Leadership

Stay competitive! Learn the principles of Agile Leadership, develop your leadership role and strengthen ownership in your team.

Gen Y meets leadership: Development instead of control

New Leadership

Discover the potential of Generation Y and learn methods and tools that support a meaning- and value-oriented leadership practice.

New Work: Buzzword or lived reality?

New Leadership

Together with an expert on the topic of New Work, you will discuss various central issues and gain insight into New Work concepts in practice.

New Work needs Leadership: What does effective leadership look like today?

New Leadership

Discuss approaches to a new kind of leadership and explore how important the topic of leadership is in this increasingly complex world of work.

High Performing Teams

New Leadership

Build your team leadership skills and learn to increase collaboration, motivation and performance in your team.

Why Purpose makes sense

New Leadership

Purpose gives direction to action and meaning to individual engagement. Learn mothodes for discovering a team or corporate Purpose.

Purpose Driven Organisations

New Leadership

Learn the essential steps to develop a personal or team purpose and apply them. For a value-based team and company culture!

To the point: Giving effective feedback as a leader

New Leadership

Motivating training for better cooperation! Discover your own impact and learn to give appreciative and effective feedback.

Leading at a distance

New Leadership

Success with virtual teams! Strengthen your digital communication and leadership skills, create virtual proximity and strengthen trust with your team.

Agile Meetings


Agile methods for better meetings and results.

Agile Coach Toolbox


For more agility and active commitment in projects. Develop your coaching skills and learn helpful tools for practice.

Business Model Canvas


Learn how to visualize, critically examine and successfully develop your business model using the Business Model Canvas method.

Design Dash


Go through all phases and learn the methodology and mindset of design thinking to create feasible innovations.



Learn all the essential principles and concepts of Kanban so that you can introduce and apply it in your environment.



Lead teams and projects to success! Learn methods, approaches and best practices for your work as a Scrum Master.

The complete package: Scrum Master Certification


Learn the most important success factors and advantages of Scrum and prepare systematically for the certification as a Professional Scrum Master.

From Product Vision to Product Backlog


This is how your Scrum team is successful! Learn the systematic way from the product vision to the initial filled backlog.

Facilitating retrospectives


Improve your moderation skills! You'll get all the tools you need to facilitate effective retrospectives - even remotely.

Lean Startup


Learn to use the Lean Startup method to approach and implement products and services faster, more effectively and efficiently.

Moderating Online Meetings successfully


Learn the most important basics and tricks of online moderation. For effective, efficient and enjoyable virtual collaboration.

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