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Why Purpose makes sense

In a complex and dynamic world, it can be disastrous for a company to focus on fixed plans and strategies – they may be appropriate today but obsolete tomorrow. So what is it that gives the company direction and cohesion and guides the actions and the commitment of the individual? It's the purpose, which Simon Sinek impressively describes in his famous TED talk „Start with why?"

He states that organizations that are aligned with their purpose are happier and livelier and far more adaptable and resilient. Personal responsibility and self-organisation are encouraged and become an important part of the corporate culture. Managers and employees are better able to internalize the mission and actively live the values associated with it. Purpose thus creates motivation and clarity in the pursuit of strategic goals and is a decisive framework condition for economic success.

In this inspiring online workshop, you will learn the essential steps for the development or discovery of a purpose. You will be able to apply these steps on the team level as well as on the company level. We offer a separate workshop for discovering your individual purpose (Purpose Driven Organisations).

You will learn:

  • to assess the power of the purpose.
  • methods to discover the team or company purpose.
  • to apply the canon of purpose, values, and vision.

What is the content?

  • The meaning of purpose using various examples
  • Methods for treasure hunting based on a purpose - an insight:
    - Storytelling and the onion technique
    - Purpose Canvas
  • Do's and Don'ts when working on a purpose
  • Purpose, values, and vision: How are they connected?
  • How you can use the purpose to initiate a successful change process

Target group

Managers who want to explore and develop the company or team purpose, organizational developers, strategists.

The Trainer


Simone Brecht combines her leadership experience in corporations with her passion for developing people and organisations.


3,5 Hours


We look forward to hearing from you!

Online inhouse workshop

We provide these live online training exclusively as inhouse workshop.


at least 6 people


We would be pleased to create an individual offer for you.



Your contact person

Michael Köhler

Phone: 040 / 43 19 77 75
Mobile: 0173 2184 055


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