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orange cpm – change and project management

When we founded orange cpm in 2005, we were guided by our vision of linking project and change management in a way that would be inspirational and highly beneficial to our customers. The company has grown continuously ever since. We are currently supported by 30 international trainers and consultants with corporate and managerial experience who bring this spirit to life.

In our work, we see every change process as a project and every project as a change. Using the tools of project management, we provide structure whilst integrating and bringing transparency to the emotional dynamics of change.

Since 2010, our company has become increasingly international, enabling us to meet the demands of our clients abroad.

What guides us


Our aim is to give people impetus and to make organisations more vibrant and agile. We offer creativity and ideas and we promote innovation.


We take a clear position. We see resistance as an opportunity to develop sound and sustainable solutions.


We believe that taking over responsibility is the key to success. This spirit guides our actions within our own company as well as in our dealings with clients.

The colour orange symbolises optimism, inspiration and the joy of change.

change- und projektmanagement

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