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Change Management – Reorganisation projects

Your challenge

Reorganisation projects often scrutinize employee and executive behaviours that have been learned over many years. Compare it to the motion sequences of elite sportspeople becoming fully automatic through years of training. If the competition calls for new behaviours, it often means taking a rocky road to acquire these new skills. All the more so since we are not only talking about individual employees, but about the mindset of an entire organisation. At the heart of the change are values such as customer focus, entrepreneurship and the acceptance of more responsibility.

Working closely with you, orange cpm plans and steers this multifaceted change process.

Your benefit

  • We ensure the systematic involvement of relevant stakeholders and work with you to develop a structure that furthers the objectives of the project, in line with your strategy.
  • We envisage communication from the perspective of internal and external clients and draw up a taylor-made communication concept for your project.
  • We deploy a broad spectrum of change management instruments at all levels of the organisation.


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