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Terms of service

If consulting and/or training appointments are cancelled at short notice, orange cpm has the following fee claim:

Cancellation until 4 weeks before the agreed event: no cancellation fees
Cancellation 30 - 15 days before the agreed event: 50% of the agreed fee
Cancellation 14th - 7th day before the agreed event: 75% of the agreed fee
Cancellation less than 1 week before the agreed event:    100% des vereinbarten Honorars


Participation in open Seminars at orange cpm GmbH

Registration should be carried out in writing using the online registration forms and forwarding them by email or by fax. If the online forms cannot be used then the registration must include the name of the participant, the complete company address and invoice address as well as the telephone number and email address.

Registration is only binding after it has been confirmed by Email by orangecpm. If the seminar is fully booked we will advise you as soon as possible.

OS2. Seminar Fees
Seminar fees are quoted per person and seminar plus the applicable VAT. The fee includes the seminar, printed material, group lunch and beverages during breaks on each seminar day unless otherwise mentioned.

OS3. Terms of Payment
Seminar fees plus VAT are payable within 14 days of receipt of invoice. Only payment by bank transfer can be accepted. Partial participation of the seminar does not justify a reduction of the fee.

OS4. Cancellation of Seminars

OS4.1 Substitution
You are permitted to send an alternate participant in place of the registered participant at no extra cost.

OS4.2 Cancellation
Cancellations received in writing 14 or more days prior to the seminar will be accepted without charge. Cancellations cannot be accepted afterwards.

If the participant is not able to attend the seminar due to illness then the participant may attend the same seminar at a later date if a doctor’s certificate is provided. An additional rescheduling is not possible.

OS4.3 Cancellation of Seminars
We reserve the right to cancel the seminar at the latest 7 days prior to the scheduled date subject to the minimum participant numbers not being reached or subject to other reasons (illness of the trainer, force majeur) beyond our control.

Seminar fees that have been paid will be reimbursed.

Additional claims for damages are not possible provided that no intentional or malicious grounds on our behalf exist. Please consider this with respect to the booking of travel and accommodations.

OS5. Right to Exercise Changes
We reserve the right to make necessary changes to content, methods and organization (eg. due to legal changes) prior to or during the seminar provided that the value of the seminar is not significantly changed.

We reserve the right to replace the planned trainer with a similarly qualified trainer if necessary (eg. illness, accident).

OS6. Liability for Content and Lost Articles
The seminars are prepared by orangecpm GmbH and its trainers to the best of their collective knowledge. Liability and warranty for correctness, completeness, quality and actuality of content are ausgeschlossen.

orange cpm GmbH is not liable for loss or damage to articles brought to seminars by participants unless the loss or damage is directly related to intentional or malicious action on behalf of orange cpm.

OS7. Prohibition of Customer Data Storage Devices
Data storage devices brought by customers may under no circumstances be used on our computers. Should damages be incurred due to violation of this rule, we reserve the right to claim for damages.

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