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Open seminars

Would you like to develop your personal skills and prepare for the next career step? Then the open seminar program, which we offer in cooperation with our partners, is the ideal way for you.

Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Training Concept

You will be guided through a training simulation so that you will not just hear about Scrum, but start to feel and experience it for yourself, enabling a deeper understanding and also enabling the ability to ask deeper questions. This means we will dive into hands-on-exercises and a Scrum simulation where you will learn by doing, so that you can improve your Scrum! Our simulation is engaging fun and provides deep insights into how to make Scrum working in the real world. It also results in high knowledge retention.

What you will learn

Part 1

Reflect principles how to fill the Scrum frame

  • How to use increments and learning to maximize innovation, reduce risk and to build the best possible products
  • Where Scrum fits best and what key constraints need to be met in order to use it effectively
  • How the right environments help to develop and grow the right behaviour in the involved people
  • How agile values are a logical direction to develop product and services in a more successful and sustainable way
  • How the roles and their shared responsibility foster the right balance between typical conflicting interests of continuous improvement, delivering quality and delivering the most valuable functionality

Together - and based on our needs - we will reflect, how these underlaying principles help us to fill the Scrum frame in order to use it in the most effective way.

Part 2

Product Ownership: From the Vision to the Product

  • How to create the context for effective product
  • ownership
  • The heat of an effective product ownership is the ability to organize the product context in the way being able to develop the most valuable product in close interaction with the team, the users and the stakeholders
  • How a shared Product Vision gives needed direction to develop the right product in a focused and dynamic way.
  • How different types of agile requirements support to bring the context closer and more concrete into the development. This enables a better involvement of the team and the stakeholders in the discovery and development of the right product during the development of the product.
  • Approaches on how to priories a backlog
  • How to interact effectively with the involved people in the Scrum development. In this way the training is a good opportunity to start your journal as a product owner or to reflect your existing product ownership and find further opportunities to grow.

Who should attend this training

You will not only learn about the Scrum framework and about the Product Owner® role – what is essential, of course. But what is even more is to really grasp the underlying principles so that you will be enabled to see how Scrum could fit into your environment.

The course is for you if you are relatively new to Scrum or if you are interested to deepen your Scrum skills. Who wants to develop his product and services in a more agile way is welcome to the training, means participants could be Product Owners®, Business Analysts (BAs), Product and Project managers, Team and Technical Leads and Members, Stakeholders, Sales and Marketing People and Managers, General requirements to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner®.

Upon successful completion of the 2-days-course, you will receive your Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) designation from the Scrum Alliance.


2 Days




1.400,00 € plus 19% VAT
Early bird: 1.200,00 € plus 19% VAT (until 4 weeks before starting the training)


on request



2 Days


1.400,00€ plus 19% VAT

Early bird:
1.200,00€ plus 19% VAT (until 4 weeks before starting the training)

Further dates on request.
Also bookable as Inhouse-Training!

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