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New Work needs Leadership: What does effective leadership look like today?

The working world has changed rapidly in recent years: Digitalization, new technologies, rapidly changing markets, and growing awareness about the relevance of networking have changed the day-to-day business both inside and outside the company.

This workshop focuses on inner transformation. What does successful leadership look like today? Which attitudes and principles of leadership are required today to give direction to your team, ensure efficiency, and at the same time promote creativity and personal responsibility? And why does this transformation start with working on yourself?

Together with an expert on New Work/Leadership you will discuss approaches to a new kind of leadership and explore the role of leadership in an increasingly complex working world.

You will learn:

  • why external and internal transformation must go hand in hand.
  • how to apply modern leadership to your own practice.
  • to reflect on the challenges of power transfer.
  • to create and follow your individual strategy for developing your leadership role.

What is the content?

  • The world of today and the demands on managers
  • Leadership competencies and the question of meaning
  • Hurdles on the path to more self-organization and power transfer
  • Generation conflict as an opportunity
  • First steps, tips, and tools

Target group

Line and Project Leaders who want to reflect on their role as a leader and strengthen it for the future.

The Trainer


Simone Brecht combines her leadership experience in corporations with her passion for developing people and organizations.

Statements from participants

Extensive topic was packaged compactly and vividly!


3,5 Hours


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Online inhouse workshop

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at least 6 people


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